If it can happen in Santiago, it could happen anywhere if economic growth is being prioritized over equity. That is the uncomfortable message that the rest of the world should take from the sudden breakdown of civil order in Chile.

With the eyes of civil society and social organizations, and not the political or business world that dominates the agenda, El Soberano will make a podcast analyzing – with the acid pen of journalist and writer Roberto Bruna – the deep crisis that Chile lives product of decades of inequality.

El Soberano will make a podcast with the citizen’s gaze to overcome the deep crisis that Chile is experiencing due to decades of profound inequality. A social unrest that for several reasons also resonates in Barcelona, ​​Hong Kong, Lebanon and until recently in Ecuador.

Social rights issues, high prices and low wages, high unemployment rates and a delegitimized political class are some of the factors that have mobilized citizens in the world and now in Chile.

In this task of reconstructing the social fabric, where the media only replicate the agenda of politicians and businessmen, we believe it is urgent to give space to civil society, to social movements, to raise their diagnoses and proposals to make our countries more fair and equitable. We need you. Can you help us do it?

Are our leaders up to it? How do we advance on a new social path? These are some of the questions we want to answer clearly, without censorship and in the voice of civil society.

For the first time, we will make a podcast with versions in Spanish and English to reach the entire planet with our history.

We will do this thanks to the CIVIL community and CIVIL Boost, a peer-to-peer fundraising tool that allows newsrooms to raise funds for specific journalism initiatives. For now we are receiving donations only in cryptocurrency, so if blockchain is your thing, below is everything you need to join this project.

Fotografía: Felipe y Jairo Castilla bajo Licencia Creative Commons.

Ana Arriagada

Periodista de la Universidad de Santiago de Chile, graduada del programa ejecutivo de innovación y liderazgo en medios de la Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism de CUNY. Co fundadora y directora...

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